Consumer behavior and perception

As indicated in Figure 2, these factors of "Customer Characteristics" are the background of the customers' perception. Ashok MBA batch, SJEC Consumer research paradigms Here in this topic of consumer research they are trying to identify reasons for purchasing a product, usually customers hesitates to reveal their reasons or motivational factor which made them to purchase a product or service at that time Consumer behavior and perception consumer researchers use the two different types of research methodology to study consumer behavior: Frondizi, RisieriWhat is Value: Normann and Ramirez recapitulate this implication for marketing strategy well: People are also stimulated below their level of conscious awareness; that is, they can perceive stimuli without being consciously aware that they are doing so.

Consumer Perception Theory

From an economics perspective, consumers may apply cost-and-benefit evaluation to a purchase decision, at least when the costs are "significant" to them Olshavsky and Granbois In other words, the more dramatic the change in the intensity, the more noticeable it will be to consumers.

However, not all of the cultural values in a society will be adopted unanimously by its members. Consumer behavior is influenced greatly by business to consumer marketing, so being a prominent marketing tool, the 4 P's will have an effect on consumer's behavior.

Fail to do so and you will affect the perception of your existing customers, as well. A consumer may obtain utility holistically from the product constellation based on a personal consumption schema.

Visitors are led to a panoply of attractions that look and and sound like like monsters, rodents, and so on. Influencing Perception Consumers continually synthesize all the information they have about a company to form a decision about whether that company offers value.

The way that promotion influences consumer behavior has changed over time. For example, some consumers are technoholics. Others are somewhere in between, preferring that you reach them during the main part of the day. The knowledge of consumer behaviour enables them to take appropriate marketing decisions in respect of the following factors: There are some consumers who may buy more quantity of certain items and very low or no quantity of other items.

In a sense, consumer perception is an approximation of reality. For example, in our daily life, we come across a number of hoardings, advertisements, banners etc. Interpretation involves consumers making sense out of the messages received, such as recognizing a brand name or logo.

The consumer will then evaluate his or her alternatives, comparing price, quality, doing trade-offs between products and narrowing down the choice by eliminating the less appealing products until there is one left. Perception is a psychological variable involved in the Purchase Decision Process that is known to influence Consumer Behavior.

How Does Color Influence Consumer Behavior?

elective Perception is the process by which individuals perceive what they want to in media messages and disregard the rest. Consumer behavior involves the study of how people--either individually or in groups--acquire, use, experience, discard, and make decisions about goods, serivces, or even lifestyle practices such as socially responsible and healthy eating.

By studying consumers, businesses can gain a better understanding of the role of perception in consumer behaviour.


Companies can greatly improve their marketing strategies when they have a firm grasp on the psychology of how consumers feel, think and reason their way to a buying decision. Perception. Our human brain attempts to make sense out of the stimuli to which we are exposed and our perception is an approximation of reality.

Advances in Consumer Research Volume 2, Pages PERCEIVED RISK AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: A CRITICAL REVIEW. Ivan Ross, University of Minnesota. The empirical research relating perceived risk to consumer behavior is summarized.

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Consumer behavior and perception
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