Justice v r krishna iyer and

Remembering Justice V R Krishna Iyer: A larger than life hero

To mention a few: My income was not large but as an advocate I rose higher as a leader of the Bar. Take, for instance, the following: Mohan Kumaramangalam, a Leftist friend of Indira Gandhi was ideologically close to me.

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Born to a leading criminal lawyer V. Above all, even after four decades none of them overruled. Krishna Iyer as a truly iconic figure who is larger than life.

September 10, He became a member of the Madras Legislative Assembly in For my generation, he was the architect of the Supreme Court, post Emergency.

Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day. Nehru came and so and could not find a solution for the political chaos and Justice v r krishna iyer and persuaded the Central Government to dismiss EMS Government and order a fresh election. Sitting on the bench and away from it, he would reiterate time and again a guiding principle that laws must reflect justice, and justice in turn, must reflect life as lived by the people, stating: Wandering in Many Worlds is his autobiography.

To the critics of his style, D.

Remembering Justice V R Krishna Iyer: A larger than life hero

Aravinda Reddy case. He is known as the father of prison jurisprudence in India. He propounded a philosophy that travel is not a casual facility but a core liberty. He stands distinguished among his contemporaries for his versatile knowledge coupled with considerable experience in litigating, legislating and adjudicating multi phases and procedures of law.

He coined words too -and powerful ones at that. This piquant incident in his life is also an equally important event in the judicial history.

My generation, who learned from him of what the Supreme Court was all about, considered his body - as well as his soul and his wisdom -to be immortal.

His wife, who would listen to him talk about his work, when on occasion he would change his mind after she gave her opinion on it, [36] had predeceased him. There were times when this multi-faceted genius had been bowled over by adversaries as in the early days of his public life, he was imprisoned for one month for a political cause and his speech rendered during his post-retirement life held him in contempt followed by a proceeding in the High Court.

Venkataraman, the ruling Congress's nominee who won. India needs such a court even if other countries do not have or need such a court. Viswanatha Iyer, the then sitting judge of Kerala High Court.

In the Annamalai University we had a debating society and I acquired a reputation as a fine speaker in debates. In my judicial role I found my experience as a minister of many portfolios useful and made my judgments a different class from other judges.

I was successful and when the first General Elections came, popular public opinion made me a Leftist candidate defeating my rival Congress candidate. Entry into politics made me a well-known political figure earlier in Madras and later in Kerala legislatures.

He very much appreciated my language and this was an inspiration for me. With his masterful articulation, Iyer shined light on parts of the law and the world that were hidden in plain sight. Inhe penned a separate but concurring judgment in Shamesher Singh case.

Inhe penned a separate but concurring judgment in Shamesher Singh case which dealt with the powers and duties of President, governors and the cabinet system. The erstwhile foes who opposed his elevation with institutional inclination had become his friends and admirers and celebrated him as an asset of the supreme constitutional institution.

As a prolific writer, he has authored more than books and delivered many prestigious lectures. Take, for instance, the following: To mention a few:. Justice V R Krishna Iyer () had it all that takes to be the cream of the crop among his contemporaries in terms of judgeship, statesmanship, leadership and much more that shaped him up.

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What you should know about Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer? What are some landmark judgements of india, that a new lawyer must know? Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer’s life, his contributions to the nation on several fronts, and his 98 birthday was celebrated on Friday by his friends and associates at a function here in Delhi organised by the Capital Found.

Justice. v r krishna iyer shared a link. May 9, ·. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer Around four score and four years ago, November 1, to be precise, was born in Malabar, as the son of VV Rama Iyer, a great trial lawyer on the West Coast of India, Shri. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer shined light on parts of the law and the world that were hidden in plain sight.

justice v. r. krishna iyer and expansive interpretation of fundamental rights authored by:shailesh kumar, roll no.9th semester, 5 th year, chanakya national law university, nyaya nagar, m ithapur, patna - .

Justice v r krishna iyer and
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