Mind and silence

And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made. A deep unity is implied, however, in all this in congruity. Note that Silence itself is not an enchantment; rather it is an effect which is applied once to the target minion.

That is, set up motion in that direction. It does mean that the universe is of the nature of mind or spirit, in some ultimate sense of the word, but the ultimate reality is obviously far more substantial than our ordinary thinking and far more real than our will. It looked like they were really looking forward to what the Guru had to say.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes. When you recognize a thought rising just release it - let it go. The decision is equivalent to pressing a button which sets machinery free.

The total absence of input was having a more pronounced effect than any sort of input tested. The art of remembering well depends largely on the attention one gives to a speaker or book. This exercise may take some practice at first. It could easily result in the takeover of American society without a single bullet being fired.

Of course, I was last to get there, and I was stuck with a rug that looked more like a doormat than anything else. Something very strange happened, however. Silence seemed to be heightened by contrasts, maybe because it gave test subjects a release from careful attention.

If we continue in the same old way, complaining, fearing, thinking along narrow lines, and submissively accepting the teaching of others, it will not be because we do not see the law. Yet we must not fail to recognize its grave implications. If we fear, we open ourselves to all sorts of fancies, which correspond to our thought, and cause them to take shape.


The law is everywhere the same, namely, that the conscious direction of mind, supported by the whole personality, is controlling for the time, since the mind can fully attend to but one object at once. Targets may be silenced repeatedly.

The same soul is now seen in the toils of action rather than in the quietude of contemplation. Our psychology is therefore a part of our general philosophy.

We shall do well, then, to regard the mind as an evolution exemplifying a purpose. It is more apt to be an idea of whose power we were but slightly conscious when it dawned upon the mind, but which struck deep into the heart and was brooded upon for weeks and months.

To help you understand how to deal with thoughts during meditation, I found the following excerpt on Zen Meditation Zazen by Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki very helpful. In a loud world, silence sells.

32 Ram Dass Quotes on Love, Life, Silence and Suffering

If we become angry, jealous, or act impetuously, we suffer in proportion to our action. We annually spend on military security more than the net income of all United States corporations.

Promote good hormone regulation and the interaction of bodily hormone-relate systems. The Spirit quietly withdraws at the approach of such assertion. A Wandering Mind in Meditation According to many of my friends, meditation is a great way to help treat all of the stress and anxieties in life.

I looked around the room as the Guru read some kind of novel that was against the advancement of technology. The explanation does not take into consideration that all humans are connected.

We are all separate individuals and all one at the same time. Calming one’s mind to silence may be influenced or made impossible by his/her telepathic abilities to hear the thoughts of others. User Review - Flag as inappropriate Silence Your Mind Silence Your Mind showcases something marvellous.

The challenge is to silence the mind…

I cannot recommend it highly enough -for EVERYONE. It is not often you find a book, in particular a 'self-help' book, based on world-leading research - especially one from an Australian.5/5(2).

Silence allows you to watch your mind and become aware of the thoughts that you may be acting on unconsciously.

When you see the thoughts, you can make a conscious choice to act on the thought or change your mind, instead of going along with the noise.

Do you fear silence? If so, why?

Stillness Quotes

The fear of silence mind map covers some potential reasons and solutions for overcoming fear of silence. In order to transcend a fear of silence, as with any other fear you wish to conquer, you need to become comfortable with silence.

Silence in the Mind is a film and audio documentary about human perception, exploring those who are aphantasic. Accordion Title. Accordion content. "Silence" in spirituality is often a metaphor for inner stillness. A silent mind, freed from the onslaught of thoughts and thought patterns, is both a goal and an important step in spiritual development.

Mind and silence
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